Asia S. Daniels, CEO
How it all started..
My name is Asia Daniels, and I am a native of Montgomery, AL. I am currently a high school science teacher that is dedicated to teaching and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow. I have always had a passion for designing and printing different things using the computer.
As a young child, I would find myself playing around with different software making random things like holiday cards, flyers, customized holiday puzzles with family members names or just print outs of my name in different fonts, designs, and sizes. When I was in high school I was co-editor of the yearbook and editor of the newspaper. I loved doing the layouts and designing pages, that came natural to me. As a teacher I rarely use my design skills.
One day, I was asked by chance if I’ve ever done wedding invitations before. Honestly, I had never tried, but I was down for the challenge! I was told the colors and had free reign over the design. After researching different designs and playing around with different software, I conjured up  different variations of invitations and designs, to give options. The client loved them, and I was later asked to also design the programs for the wedding along with the Save the Dates, RSVP cards, and water bottle labels.
I was SO excited and blessed that I was given a chance to make someone’s wedding day special and to prove that I can rise to the occasion. I want to experience that same satisfaction by designing more and accepting the challenges that comes with it. I take pride in my work. I design everything manually. I will not rest until everything is done and correct. Let me help you make your vision come true!

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